Living in the Light @Night

July 16, 2017

How often do we miss the point? How often do we exchange one set of ideals for another because the packaging has better marketing or brighter colours? Our lives are constantly being bombarded with the message “if your focus only shifted from that to this”, then our lives would be fuller, richer and happier. 

Our social media profiles are filled with hashtags like #fitspiration, #followforfollow & #KardashianLife - but how much time do we spend following a half truth that doesn’t bring about lasting and purposeful life? It’s of course perfectly fine to to be inspired to be fitter, healthier, better informed and live an enriched life, but do we need to know the “12 most creative ways to live like Kim and Kanye on a budget”? Jesus often challenged his followers to live a life fully devoted to God - in everything that they did. In their relationships, in their conversations, and in their thoughts bring everything under submission to Him. 

In a world of distraction and desire to self, Senior Assistant Pastor Geoff Leader reminds us to act with Love, decide with Wisdom and breathe with Purpose, as we come to recognise the vitality of life in Him.


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